Abducted Sissy Transformation

Abducted Sissy Transformation

Posted on November 14, 2015

I woke up blind folded to hear many different voices in the room I was in. I did not know where I was and I was blindfolded. I tried to move but it felt like my body was numbed. I must have been drugged because the last thing I remembered was raving at the bar with a group bad bitches.

"Where was I, Why was I here, and who are all these people" I thought in my mind. I tried to speak but for some reason no words could come out of my mouth. I was just lying on a table blindfolded and could not do anything about it. I had no idea what was about to come.

I laid there blindfolded for a few more minutes until it was ripped off my face and I was blinded by the all of the lights in the room. There was a few men and women standing around me in a hospital bed. They all were such handsome and beautiful people but they all had a weird smirk on their faces. I tried to let words out but for some reason I was stuck in a stunned position unable to do anything.

There was a bald man in a lab coat who then started to tell me things.

"You have been put into a coma by us for almost two weeks now." The man said. 

"You are going under transformation and will be living the life as a little girl for the rest of your life."

I could not do anything but sit there and accept the fact that they were doing something to me and I had no control over it. They put a gas mask over my face and I slowly dazed off again. This time when I awoke I was not blindfolded.

I opened my eyes to see a mirror hanging on the ceiling. I could see me laying in the mirror completely naked but it was not my body. There was a hot blonde laying in the bed that couldn't be me. I looked down to see a huge pair of C cup breasts attached to my body. My whole body felt off and different. I tried to scream for help but when I yelled all I could hear was the sound of a women. I had a woman's voice somehow, someone was taking this way to far.

What was happening I thought to myself. How was I going to get out of here. The longer I laid on the doctor's bed the more I began to explore my body with my eyes. I had long dirty blonde hair attached to my head. I had makeup all on my face but it would not rub off it must of been tattooed. I could not get over how I had a huge pair of breasts on me. It looked like I had a few incisions on my shoulders where they made my shoulders not as broad and maybe even made my arms skinnier. I also noticed it looked like I had lost 30 pounds! I had an hourglass shape waste and my legs were just as skinny as my arms. I was really surprised that my penis was still there because someone is playing a very sick joke on me by turning me into this creature. 

As I laid there I became very depressed wondering what I am going to do. I was strapped down to a table being made into a human barbie doll. Soon the man that talked to me before I was put to sleep walked in.

"How are you feeling Kara?" the man said. I did not know how to reply.

"Why am I here and what have you done to my body!" I shouted in the feminine voice. 

"Well you see you were chosen at random to be kidnapped and turned into the best sissy money can buy". The bald man said

"By the way my name is Dr. Bates but you can call me master," The man said.

This is when I realized that I might not return to my old life, I might be in here forever being tortured by Dr. Bates. 

I started to scream and yell "Let me go this is so inhuman, LET ME GO!" 

Dr. Bates then backhanded me and told me to shut up and listen. "You are going to listen to every command we say, we just put a months of work and surgery into you and you are going to obey us." Dr. Bates came over closer to me and they began to feel my body. He was gripping my breasts and rubbing my sides and legs. He was almost massaging my body as I began to shut my eyes and relax. I opened my eyes to see that my penis was hard but for some reason it was not normal size. I had a seven inch average a few days ago but now it was only about three inches. 

"Are you feeling horny?" Dr. Bates asked. I did not give him an answer just a dirty look so he slapped me in the face. "Am I making you feel horny!" He screamed. "Yes!" I answered quickly just to shut him up. He did not talk for a while after this just standing there staring at my body.

Dr. Bates then started to talk explaining to me I was abducted two and a half months ago to be made into a sissy boy. He said that they have been giving me woman's hormones in extreme doses over the last few months. He told me the hair on my head had been permanently sewn to my scalp. My shoulders had been broadened along with all the weight I had lost. He told me I had lost a few inches and was only 5'9" now. I had a woman's voice because they did a surgery to my vocal cords to make me sound femme. This is when I realized I was fucked and they would have no way to look for me if I was in another body.

Dr. Bates then told me he is a high class sex slave trader and that I was his crown jewel right now. He said that I will eventually love my body and have fun living life again. There was no way I was going to ever have fun again being a free prostitute that was turned into a little girl. He told me that while I was unconscious they had used multiple butt plugs on my anus to get me ready. 

"You going to be the best slut I have yet to make" Dr. Bates said. "Now I am going to unhook you so you can get up and go to your room." As he said this two men in all black came in and unhooked me from the table and carried me to a room. We must have been in some type of huge mansion because I could not see the end of the hallways and there was hundreds of rooms. When we came to the room the two men threw me in and shut the door. I heard locks on the outside being locked, and then there was silence. I was sitting naked in a woman's body in some random room. I looked around the room and really began to panic wondering why they picked me and why I was turned into a woman. There is no way I was going to do gay sex for these men they would have to kill me. I eventually laid onto the bed and pasted out. 

I woke up to an intercom going off. "This is master and you need to get up and get ready you have a long day of training. Make sure you are dressed nice and were some high heels, everything you need is in the wardrobe, closets, and in the restroom." I sat up still not believing that it was me here being held hostage. I decided I was going to do whatever they tell me so I can get out alive somehow. 

I walked over to the wardrobe and slid open the top drawer. It was full of different lace panties all stacked in piles. I first pair that I saw were a pair of black lace with pink accents and white bow right on the butt. He told me to dress nice so I thought we would think these are nice. I put my feet in the holes of the panties and slid them up my legs. They were a perfect fit that squeezed my skin and made me feel really sexy. I had never had this feeling before because before I was kid napped was actually a pretty good ladys man. The second drawer was full of matching bras, so of course I picked the black and pink bra that matched. I think found some black lace stockings that had a lot of small bows running up the sides. I slid the stockings up my legs which really made me feel feminine.

I opened up the closet and began to look through the different clothes. I did not really know what girls would pick out so I picked out things that I thought were hot. Pretty much everything in the closet was really slutty or barely covered my skin. I decided to pick this short black dress. I put it on and somehow got it zipped up. I looked in the mirror on the closet door and saw that I really did look like a young teenage girl. As I was picking out a pair of black high heels to match I heard a knock on the door. I was kind of scared and just waited for someone to come in.

The door opened and there was a women standing there. "Today is the only day I am going to show you how to dress, do your hair, hygiene, and do your make up. You better take notes or pay attention because this is the last time anyone will show you." The women said

The women then walked me through how to straighten my hair. She also told me I had a small amount of makeup tattooed on so I would not have to throw much on everyday. She said my lingerie and the dress I picked were cute but I did not really care if they were cute. She also taught me how to paint my nails which she painted black and pink to match my lingerie.

"Theres one more thing you need to know before I leave, how to clean yourself." said the women. She was holding a box and threw it at me. On the box was a picture of an enema. She told me to go into the bathroom and pull your dress up and your panties down. I went into the room and did as she said. The women told me to "Bend over" which I obeyed. She then shoved the tube up my ass which did not hurt that much. It must of been because they have been using butt plugs on me while I was unconscious. She showed me how to spray it inside me and how long to hold it in for. After that the women did not say much and left.

About twenty minutes later the intercom came on. "You look amazing my little slut" said Dr. Bates. There must be cameras in my room, I should've thought about that before. "Today your going to be trained on how to be a real sissy." 

This really scared me I was not gay and did not want to be. The only door out opened and the two men in black were standing there. This time they told me to walk down the hallway with them instead of them carrying me. They brought me into padded room with a table in it. The two men told me to lay down on the table on my back. I did as I was told, the two men shut the door and stood inside the room with me on both sides of the door. The master then appeared at the door and asked me if I was ready to lose my virginity. I really was scared but there was not really anything I could do.

"Yes master I am ready" I said. I felt like I had betrayed myself so much but I just wanted to get a chance at leaving here. Master came over to me and pulled my legs off the table. He began to lean over me and kiss me. He kept sticking his tongue down my throat and I couldn't do anything but make out with another man. He kept making out with me and feeling me up and down and I started to get aroused. I was ashed that this man was making my legs weak and making me feel horny. He then pulled my dress up over my stomach exposing my little bow on my lingerie. He then slid my lingerie down my legs exposing my little penis that he was ruined with the hormones. Even though I was being raped for some reason my little penis was really hard.

"I can tell by your clit that this is all that bad, you must be enjoying yourself a little." Master said with a grin on his face. Master then began to massage the area around my crotch only making me hornier and hornier. He then pulled out his massive cock which was about 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. It was the biggest penis I had seen in real life and it was about to penetrate me. He dumped lube all over his cock and began to massage it in. He stuck the oily fingers in my crack and started to massage my crack. At this point I just leaned back and accepted what was going to happen. He stuck his cock into my crack and began to pull it up and down my crack which really made me start to twitch in anticipation. And then out of nowhere I felt it enter, even though they told me they pre-stretch my anus for months it still hurt really bad. He was pulling it all the way out and pushing all the way in very slowly. The feeling of being completely full and then completely empty was driving me crazy. He began to pump up and down onto me which actually started to feel amazing.

"Fuck me" which I let slip out of my mouth.

"Your one crazy bitch aren't you Kara." Master Said. And as he said that we had a spark and things just went crazy. He started to pound his cock in and out of me over and over. My body became weak and I just started to accept getting pounded. I started to get so turned on that I was pushing my body into his cock and wrapping my legs around his back just pulling myself closer. I had never felt such an ecstasy and it was crazy that I was going through all of this. I was moaning louder than any girl I had slept with before saying all kinds of crazy things like "Fuck me harder" and "Im yours master".

I started to feel master tense up and I could feel his cock starting to get really warm. I knew he was about to come inside me and I could not wait. All of a sudden I felt a huge burst hit my insides with its warm creamy feeling. He pulled out and i was gaping feeling completely empty. Jizz was running down my legs and all over my stockings I was covered.

"That was not that bad was it?" said Master. It was like I had became instantly brainwashed, I was in love.

"Yes Master I cannot wait for more." I said. I could not believe I had just said that but I had to do what I had to do.

Master pulled up his pants and started to walk out the door. "Oh yeah today these two men are going to teach you how to suck cock". "Your lesson starts now." he said. As he said that Master shut the door behind him and the two men stepped forward. The men were both huge built black men. They started to strip down naked which is when I could see they were ripped. When they both took off their boxers I could I was in for something crazy. Both of the men had twelve inch cocks and were not that thick but still pretty big. They came over to the table and flipped me over onto my stomach. They then strapped my legs and arms to the table legs. The way they strapped me down my neck and head were hanging right off the table at cock height from the ground. One of the black men came in front of me with his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I had never had a cock in my mouth but the warm fleshy feeling turn me the hell on. He started to rape my mouth but I learned quickly to breathe in through my nose and just accept the rape. 

The other black man behind me stuck his member into my anus which was unexpected. I had not cleaned the masters come out of me yet but his jizz acted at lube for the man. He did not go slow like master did he just began going full speed. I tried to pull myself into the man fucking me from behind to go deeper but the man shoving his cock in my throat would not let me slide back any. They kept me in this position for about 20 minutes until I could feel both of them were about to jizz. The man in the back pulled his cock out and exploded all over my back. I could feel the sticky warm thickness leaking all over my back. The other man then pulled his cock out of my throat and started to jizz all over my face. It was going all over my face and hair but I could not stop trying to lick it off of my face. The two men unhooked me and made me walk back to my room. They told me to cleaned up and ready to go do more training. I was so exhausted from the huge fuck session I decided to just crash and take a nap for now.

Story by: BluntSlut