Craigslist Ladyboys Dominated Me

Craigslist Ladyboys Dominated Me

Posted on December 3, 2015

This is a true story that happened to me. When I turned 28 I started to become interested in transsexuals. It happened gradually I accidentally bumped into it while porn surfing. The girl in the video was pretty hot and she was getting her cocked sucked. I didn't really enjoy the guy in it so much so I started to watch t-girls fucking girls. I was really turned on and started to fantasize about their cocks and what would it feel like. Soon I started to watch them fucking guys and pretending that I was the guy.

I started my first adventure at a bar. I saw this Hispanic woman who looked really sexy but I could see the hints that she had so much more. So I decided to sit next to her striking up some flirtatious conversation. But let me say that this is not the adventure that I am going to tell. So to make a long story short I went to her place and I got to taste cock for the first time.

5 months later and much longing I started to surf Craigslist and saw an ad for two very good looking Asian ladyboys. They appeared to be in there early 30's. I sent them my picture and they were pleased. Then I asked them if it was strictly for fun and they said yes. I couldn't believe it I was really lucking out. I am not one to pay for love so this would be a win-win for me.

I arrived at their hotel it was really upscale. I went up the elevator feeling really nervous. I wasn't sure what I was in store for. I didn't know what these girls were in to.

I knocked on the door and an Asian girl about 5"6 fairly thin opened the door and asked me to come in. She had shoulder length black hair. She was wearing a see through black night gown showing off her c-cup with nice size nipples. Her panties showed off a nice bulge. She told me her name was Nina. She pointed over to the bed and introduced Lily who was sitting down. She stood up to greet me. She had long black hair and wore a black garter belt, stockings, and panties with a seemingly larger bulge. Her tits were a nice perky b-cup.

Lily told me to undress so I did. Nina started to kiss me with her tongue. Lily grabbed something from the night stand. She grabbed my wrist and put them behind my back. I heard clicking realizing that she just placed me in furry hand cuffs. Nina moved down to my nipples and started to nibble on them while rubbing her hands over my cock. 

I had that nervous feeling again not knowing what was in store. I had a feeling that I was going to get fucked that night and I never had a cock in my ass before. I fantasized about it but I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

After I was cuffed Lily bit my neck and nibbled on my ear. She then whispered seductively into my ear to get on my knees I dropped into position and was suddenly eye level with their bulges. They pulled off their panties revealing their stiff lady cocks. Nina's was about a 6 uncut and had a nice curve to it. Lily's was also uncut and was about 7 or 7.5.

Nina pulled my head in first and I started sucking. She pulled me in closer so I was deep throating. I could tell by her soft moans that she was in approval. Lily pulled me over and I started to lick her shaft up to the tip and took it into my mouth. She pushed my head in with even more force than Nina did. I could feel her pre-cumed tip in the back of the throat. I kept inhaling their cocks back and forth eagerly looking up at my new masters.

I always had a good gag reflex but Lily had a real naughty streak in her. She pinched my nose shut and held my head close. I couldn't help it I started to gag on her cock. Just as I thought that I couldn't take it anymore she let me up. I gasped for air. She forced my head in and pinched me again. I have to admit this made me extremely rock hard.

They laid me on my back with my neck resting on the edge of the bed. The handcuffs didn't bother me too much in this position. Nina sat on the bed and started to slowly suck my cock. I moaned softly feeling her tongue all over my cock. Lily stood over me and pushed her cock in my mouth silencing my moans to muffles. She started to face fuck me at a good pace. Suddenly I felt Nina straddle me. As I felt her body lower something warm wrapped around my cock. I couldn't believe it. My cock was in her ass and I wasn't wearing a condom! I couldn't even protest because my hands were cuffed and I had Lily's cock deep in my throat. Lily let up briefly and I watched as Nina rode my cock while jerking off. Her sphincter muscles started to grip with such tightness. I couldn't help myself. I felt like I was at the brim and shot my load straight in her ass. She was about to cum also and got off my cock and pushed her cock all the way in my mouth. It started to twitch followed by a cum explosion straight into the back of my throat I gaged a little. I never actually swallowed cum before, but now I had no choice it had nowhere else to go. Her cum tasted slightly salty and not bitter like the girl from the bar.

She smiled and got up. It was now Lily's turn. She put me on my knees. Since I was wearing cuffs I had no choice but to have my ass in the air and my face flat on the bed. I saw Nina sit on a chair ready to watch the show. I heard the squirting of the lube bottle. Lily started to rub my ass cheeks as felt her tip pressing against my rim. 

She slowly pushed in which made me flinch and grunt. Again there was no condom, but I figured at this time it was too late. I was way too tight. I felt like I was going to be split into two. Tears rolled down my eyes I felt so helpless being handcuffed. All I could do was bite the bed sheets as she got the last couple of inches in. Once she was all the way in the pain started to subside. She leaned over to my ear again. I could feel her breast firmly against my back. She gave a seductive whisper and said "Is my slave ready to take my cum inside him" This turned me on so much my cock stood at attention. She reached around and stroked me a bit.

She slowly started going back and forth. I felt so full. After I got used to it she picked up her pace and was pounding me with sharp thrust. Meanwhile I saw that Nina's erection returned and she was stroking her cock looking very hungrily at me. She got up and kneeled in front of me. Lily grabbed my hair which made me arch up a bit. Nina's cock was now right near my mouth. I put her lady stick in my mouth and tasted her sweet pre-cum. With each thrust Lily gave it made me want to devour Nina's cock even more greedily. Lily whispered over to me again and said "I want to see the look on your face when I fill you with my cum."

They turned me over on my back again and Lily pushed herself in me once more while Nina fucked my mouth at the edge of the bed. Nina was about to cum again but she decided to jerk off just above my mouth. Cum glazed my face and the inside of my mouth. It wasn't as much as before but it was still a lot. She looked very satisfied. I pulled my head up and decided to clean her off. I sucked her off for another 30 seconds trying my best to concentrate as Lily was fucking me so deep. Nina squirmed in pure pleasure as I deep throated and licked her sensitive shaft and tip. Meanwhile Lily started to jerk me off.

Lily began to pick up the pace even more. It felt so unreal that I was being fucked so hard by such a pretty girl. I could feel her cock pulsating. I felt a warm rush of liquid completely fill me. At that moment I felt extreme plesser. I let out a loud moan and started to cum until I felt empty. This seemed to drive her wild and fucked me even harder until her orgasm was complete. After she seemed to squeeze out the last drop she leaned over and kissed me passionatly with her tongue while giving some light tender thrusts.

She pulled out and smiled as cum oozed back out of my hole. They uncuffed me and asked me to stay a while. We cleaned up a bit after and watched TV. I laid in between them on the bed. We ended up falling asleep for a while. Eventually I awoke unable to move my hands. I was cuffed to the bed. Both of their cocks were stiff again and I knew what I had to do. Nina told me that she was so turned on that she wants to fuck my ass this time and told me that it is my turn to ride on her.

Luckily I didn't catch anything from not wearing protection. I wish I could go bare more often. There was nothing more intense than feeling Lily's cum inside me as I came. I can't imagine any other experience ever surpassing this in my life.

Story by: clex2313