The Yoga Instructor

The Yoga Instructor

Posted on November 14, 2015

This is a story about my Junior year at college. I was a psychology major; a studious 22 year old compared to most of my peers. I usually spent my Friday nights up late at the library working on my latest research project rather than parting all night with all the beautiful young coeds.

Secretly tho ,I often fantasized about long salacious nights of sweaty dancing and one night stands but I just wasn't one of those charismatic men that the women gravitated towards. Its not that I was afraid to talk to girls but its just once we start a conversation it seems to stall out and to avoid further embarrassment I would come up with an excuse to get out of the situation. I had a few girlfriends back in high school and lost my virginity in the most prosaic fashion. To my date at the night of senior prom.

My looks are the one thing that helps me with women. I've been told I'm very attractive; I have buzzed brown hair, a symmetrical face and I am naturally hairless all over my body. I'm '5 10 175 lbs. My body is a shapely slim hourglass figure , I keep in shape by doing daily yoga/Pilates and meditation classes at the school gym. I have a very high sex drive and every time after I get back from Pilates I always tear off my sweaty boxers and pull out my hard cock to the thought of my yoga instructor, Lena. 

She is just a shade under 6 foot tall and her most overarching feature is that she is athletic. She is has a shoulder length brown hair that is always pulled up into a tight ponytail. Her tits are b cup on the smallish side. She has a sultry look with pouty lips and big brown eyes. But the features that makes her so divine is her legs and arms they are muscular just up to the point where you notice it but below the level where she looks like a bodybuilder. And her ass will make any mans dick instantly hard. It is perfectly plump and perky and always tightly wrapped up in her yoga pants. There is something about the way she speaks with such confidence and the strut she carriers herself with makes me wild. If god was designing a paragon of a female it would be Lena. She is the type that if she was stranded on a deserted island she would be able to hunt and find shelter and survive. Every day after my Pilates session with her I can wait to get home and pull out my already dripping cock. 

. My cock is about 5 and a half inches long and a little on the thin side. It makes me a bit self-conscious knowing that I have a small cock. I have even had girlfriends in the past say it was "cute"; Its not what I wanted to hear, but at least I have an attractive cock albeit a little on the petite side. In the past my girlfriends have always given me great head because they could fit my entire cock in their mouths with ease. 

After my Pilates session today I came in about 2 minutes with my memory of Lena fresh in my mind. Once I got off I began to feel that "I'm a loser" feeling. Its been over 6 months sense i had sex with anyone. So I decided I was sick of sitting in my dorm and masturbating and today was the day I finally will do something about it. I needed to get fucked. Knowing that my looks are my greatest asset, I decided I would put on my short Adidas running shorts and go for a shirtless jog around campus. I have done this in the past and I always notice girls staring at me; this time I would actually hit on them. After a few miles I was nice and lathered up with sweat. My slim and cut frame was glistening in the summer sun. I decided to take a turn through the art district on campus. There was an amazing replica of the ancient Michelangelo's David sculpture on campus and I decided to jog by it. I got to the sculpture when my heart began racing; Lena was there out for a walk and admiring the magnificent art piece. She was wearing a pair of high rise light blue jean shorts that showed off her muscled legs beautifully. On top she wore a tight fitting white tube top with a the top of her florescent pink bikini showing. She saw me and immediately I noticed her give me a seductive look. I couldn't help but think she was looking at me like a lioness who was just thrown a juicy dripping piece of steak. She motioned for me to come over to her. I felt a rush of courage swell in me as I walked over to her. I couldn't help myself when I saw her sexy round ass, my cock instantly started to grow. She immediately put her arms on me and gave me a big embrace, I savored the delicious musky scent that wafted all over me while we were connected. I preyed she didn't feel my cock rub against her when she pulled me in to her. Unexpectedly, when she stepped in to hug me I felt my cock press up against something hard between her legs. I rationalized that it must have simply been a button on her shorts. She stepped back and gave me a up and down look , 

And as if she didn't even notice the feel of my hard cock against her, she said " I see my Pilates training has done your body good, your looking great Kari" 

"Ya if only I had more time with you I might be looking as good as you" I said . 

"We may be able to arrange that", she smirked and then gave me a quick wink. 

We both turned to look back at the replica of the David statue. Taking the lead in the conversation, with a joking countenance Lena said to me . "You know I actually prefer a man with a petite cock like his." She smirked. No-Way!! it might just be my lucky day I pondered to myself/ 

"Ohh you d-do"; I stammered out , and without thinking I kept on "at least that makes one girl who feels that way, if only you all would be so discriminating" I murmured , it was only after I spoke that I realized I basically just told Lena I have a tiny cock. 

"what, so you ... look like him... down there?" she said 

My face turned a sanguine red "well my cock is just about identical to his" I quipped. 

"MMmm, well by the looks of it, you two have a lot in common. I might just need to slip off those skimpy running shorts and do a comparison, You wouldn't mind would you" she said with a devious grin. 

At that instant there was nothing around us but both of our statuesque bodies and a hot fiery lust. She stepped in closer to me and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met and my mind exploded in passion , I felt her hand slide up my short running short and squeeze me in by the upper thigh pulling my body to hers. I felt like I was at home in her arms as she directing me making all the first moves. Her tongue entered my mouth deeply and passionately she kissed me. Then briskly she pulled away, teasing me. 

And with a silky sly smile said "I know a place where we can go, I need you right now!" 

I had no choice in the matter at this point, my lust had fully secured all decision centers within my brain. I would follow this girl anywhere to have another taste.

She grabbed my by the hand and pointed us towards to the the closest dorm in the art district of campus, Balboa Hall. She put her arm around my shoulder as we walked. I drank up the guise of all the other envious guys as i strutted through campus arm in arm with this goddess. Two young and beautifully sculpted bodies awaiting the pure ecstasy and passion that only we could have. There was something else inside me as well, something a bit more devious; I felt like she was scooping me up and carrying me with with her like she is my night in shining armor, only she has the strength to save me from my banal existence. We reached a dorm and she pulled me in by the arm to girls shower room. Before we entered she told me to close my eyes .. I could hear the showers running and I heard Lena pass a girlfriend of hers and she whispered to her not to tell anyone. I heard a stall open and I was thrusted in and then Lena pounced on me. Pulling my face to hers with both of her strong hands on to my neck and cheeks. 

My hands were all over her tight body, I cupped her plump and juicy ass squeezing and groping. I needed to get her out of her shorts so I could be closer to that ass. I moved my hands to the buttons on the front of her shorts and undid them both. I could see the bright pink bikini bottoms clinging to her hairless body beneath. Then she moved her hands down to my ass and aggressively pulled my hips in to hers. I almost came right that instant. 

As she pulled me in to her I felt something throbbing between her legs, again my little cock felt something big and hard pushing back against it. I felt my body tingle with the thought that Lena might be transgender. While I consider myself straight I am a lover of trans women and I have had a few bi encounters when I was younger. Lena broke away from my caresses stepped her delicious body back from me in the stall. I looked on admiring her perfect sexy body, she slowly slid her shorts down her perfectly smooth and tanned legs. Then her hands moved down to her bikini bottom and she stepped up on her tip-pie toes and un-tucked her thick and hard cock into the front of her bottom. In front of me now was the outline of an 8 inch and thick cock wrapped inside her pink bikini. I thought I might have died and went to heaven with this muse in front of me , she brought her arms over her head and lifted her top off, then she undid her pony and her brown hair fell down over her shoulders. Now she stood before me in just her bikini. I began too see a dark wet spot of precum form where the mushroom tip of her dick was. She pulled me closer and the put her hands on my shoulders and forced me down to my knees. I rubbed my face and mouth over her bulge savoring her musky scent and i slowly slip the pink fabric to the side revealing her massive hard cock. I stuck out my tongue and licked all the precum off of the tip. Her hand placed firmly on the back of my head, I began to put put my lips around her beautiful cock . I thought of how much bigger her cock is to mine and It made me wild with lust, I just imagined how amazing it would feel with her arms around me thrusting into my ass while my little baby cock flops around uselessly. I enveloped her entire cock into my mouth as she griped the back of my head fucking my face. As she did this I pulled off my skimpy running shorts and revealed my little member. I began to jack off, as soon as she sees my little cock I hear her say, 

"MMM, its the cutest little thing." "get on your feet and come up to mommy" She said in a patronizing tone

As I stood up she slid her tongue into my mouth taking total control over me. And I felt both of our cocks dancing and rubbing with each other. My cock was just about about half the size of hers. It was especially noticeable when she seductively wrapped her bright pink nail polished hands around her cock and pinned my cock down to my stomach with it. She looked at me in the eyes her face gushing with a playful and knowing grin as if we both are acknowledging her dominance over me.

"I think someone likes it" She muses and slaps me in the ass. 

She pulls me up and turns me around in the shower stall so that I'm facing the wall with both hands up against the wall. She puts one hand on my hips and pulls my ass out as her other hand is on my back bending me over. 

"Are you ready for me to make you mine baby" she leans over and whispers in my ear. 

My two front fingers are pumping my little cock as I am being bent over, back arched I feel Lena's two fingers lubed up and enter me. She spends a minute or two gradually entering more fingers to loosen me up. And something inside of me is yearning for her cock to enter and take me. I want her to make me hers. At that moment I realized a mental synopsis what I was about to do. I was in a shower stall with my ass perked up in the air practically begging for a 8 inch cock to enter my ass and fuck me. And that cock was attached to such a devilishly gorgeous woman, so beautiful I never imagined I would have a chance with her. She finally positioned the head of her hard cock at my eager hole. The tip was warm and slippery as I felt her push forward and begin to enter me. It hurt only at first then It was amazing; like she was wrapped all around me cuddling every part of my body at once. She slipped it in further inch by inch until I feel her hips pressing against my ass. Then she pushed herself deep into me all the way; she nibbled on my ear and whispers to me 

"This is how you and your little cock were meant to fuck"

I am hers forever now. She begins to thrust in and out of me using my ass for her pleasure. Her Bikini is pulled to the side to allow her cock out as she fucks me. My little member is as hard as it has ever been as I pull on it jacking myself off. I feel her long hair on my back as she pounds me she puts both hands on my shoulders asserting her dominance and it puts me over the edge. I pushed my ass back into her cock with every thrust. The hot pink string of her bikini tops are swinging in the air bouncing and slapping me in the face as we thrust into each other. Then she moved her hand up off of my hip and firmly grasped the back of my neck; that was what put me over the edge. I let out a high pitched moan., 

" uahhhhh!!! Im Cumming" I scream. 

My sphincter tightens around her member wanting to keep her inside of me forever.

She puts her hand under my cock and catches all of my cum . Then she instantly brings the hand up to my mouth and feeds it to me while she pounds my ass depper and deeper. As I am licking her fingers clean she lets out a deep scream and thrusts as far as she can inside of me. Her hands now pulling at my hips bringing me towards her. I feel a hot seed shoot into my bowels. A momentary desire to be pregnant passes through my conscience. Lena licks and sucks on my ears still reeling as her cock begins to shrink inside of me. I hear the sounds of the shower come back. A girl a few stalls over is laughing. Lena's dick slides out of my ass, we turn to face each other both of our cocks now limp we kiss. 

"That was amazing , I say, ;" I think that may have been the best sex iv ever had"

Lena Just confidently smiles at me , "Thanks Baby" 

We scrub each other down with soap, and dry each other off. When Lena stepped back from me to get dressed I couldnt help but admire her. She looked like a goddess with her perfectly shaped body, freshly cleaned and glistening; her long limp cock proudly dangling between her thighs. She pulled her bikini bottoms down to her knees then took her cock and expertly tucked it up between her ass cheeks. Then she pulled her pink bottoms back upthey snapped back against her perfectly plump ass. As we exited the Shower Lena again told me to close my eyes . I felt my sore ass with each step I take as I hear giggles from the girl we pass by in the shower.

Story by: cddannie18